The Nature of the Beast

Louise Penny

The Nature of the Beast
Hardly a day goes by that nine-year-old Laurent Lepage doesn't cry wolf - from alien invasions, to dinosaurs spotted in his small town of Three Pines, to winged beasts and everything in between. But when Laurent goes missing, the town of Three Pines must come to terms with the possibility that one of his tall tales may in fact be true. As ex-Chief Inspector Gamache must once again play detective while no longer holding the title, his frantic search for the boy leads to the doorstep of one such winged beast in the form of a well-known Three Pines resident. Old betrayals are revealed along the way and Gamache is gripped with guilt as he too may have had a part to play in the ignorance that led to Laurent Lepage going missing. (From the publisher.)

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Laurent tried to steady himself. His breathing. His trembling.

He'd been through this before, he reminded himself. And he'd always escaped. Always. He'd escape today. He'd get back home. And there he'd have a hot drink and a pastry. And a bath.

And he'd soak away all the terrible things he'd done, and was about to do.

From The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny ©2015. Published by Minotaur Books.