Twenty-One Cardinals

Jocelyne Saucier, translated by Rhonda Mullins

Twenty-One Cardinals

With twenty-one kids, the Cardinal family is a force of nature. And now, after not being in the same room for decades, they're congregating to celebrate their father, a prospector who discovered the zinc mine their now-deserted hometown in northern Quebec was built around. But as the siblings tell the tales of their feral childhood, we discover that Angèle, the only Cardinal with a penchant for happiness, has gone missing - although everyone has pretended not to notice for years. Why the silence? What secrets does the mine hold?

The cover of Twenty-One Cardinals was designed by Ingrid Paulson.

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My family has always fascinated me and given me a leg up in conversations. We're nothing like other families. We are self-made. We are an essence unto ourselves, unique and dissonant, the only members of our species. Livers of humdrum lives who flitted around us got their wings burned. We're not mean, but we can bare our teeth. People didn't hang around when a band of Cardinals made its presence known.

From Twenty-One Cardinals by Jocelyne Saucier, translated by Rhonda Mullins ©2015. Published by Coach House Books.

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