Canada Reads: Day Two

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The battle of the books continues. Watch the on-demand video replay of today's show in the player below. Scroll down to read a recap of today's elimination as well as see some highlights from the show.

(Warning: This episode contains strong language that some audience members may find offensive.)

The post-show Q&A:

Audio: Listen to the full show in the clip below:

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Hold onto your books, people, because if Day Two was any indication, the Canada Reads debates are heating up.

The panellists had some thoughtful and, at times, emotional exchanges with each other over the remaining books. When it came time to vote, Craig Kielburger chose Ru, Kristin Kreuk (whose book Intolerable was voted off Monday) chose And the Birds Rained Down, while Cameron Bailey opted for When Everything Feels like the Movies. However, it was Lainey Lui and Martha Wainwright who turned out to be the deciding votes, each selecting The Inconvenient Indian as the next title to go. To see Thomas King's book ousted on Day Two was a shocking moment for many people, who voiced their surprise on social media.

craig-inconvenient-620.jpg Three books remain. Only one will win Canada Reads.

Day Two Show Highlights: