Listen: Nina Bruck on publishing her first book at 85

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Montreal poet Nina Bruck died peacefully at her home on February 1, 2015 at the age of 92. The mother of poet Julie Bruck, Nina wrote poetry her whole life but published her first - and only collection - at the age of 85.

"There's a lot of angst about a poem. It's not easy and effortless. I work to the bone."

The Sunday Edition interviewed Nina Bruck back when still light at five o'clock first came out in 2007. You can listen to her read from her work and talk about publishing her first book in her eighties.

Photo courtesy of Julie Bruck
media clip

Spring, 1928

Five years old
I know all about darkness,
my aunt's sour sigh,
the way the winter light hits the blue wall
late afternoon.
Then somehow I discover the word tulip,
astonishing my tongue.

Excerpt from "still light at five o'clock"  by Nina Bruck, Sky of Ink Press, Montreal, 2007