The Mountain Story

Lori Lansens

The Mountain Story

When Wolf Truly was 18, he was trapped on a mountain for five days with four women who were initially strangers. He never told anyone about what happened on the mountain. But now that Wolf is grown and has a son of his own, he can't keep the story a secret any longer...


My boyhood home on Old Dewey Road stood among similar clapboard bungalows in the older, grimier section of Mercury, upwind of Michigan's largest rendering plant, with the train tracks near enough that I could tell passenger from freight by the way the house shook. A year and a half after my mother's accident - that's what we called it - my father briefly got sober and painted the entire house, inside and out, a dark, flat blue. Drowning Man Blue. Frankie said it was a tribute to Glory. She loved the colour blue.

From The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens ©2015. Published by Knopf Canada.