Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species

Peter Nowak

Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species
Think technology will be the end of us? Think again. In this comprehensive, impeccably researched book, award-winning journalist and blogger Peter Nowak debunks the doomsayers who believe that the Internet is a road to ruin and our takeover by a race of evil robots is a foregone conclusion. Though he doesn't gloss over the more troubling implications of innovations in computing, robotics and genetics, Nowak paints an overall optimistic picture of where we've come in four million years. 


"The first humans had only primitive technology and were largely subservient to their biology and environment. Their descendants -- the second humans, us -- fared considerably better by using technology to coexist with nature. Now, we're in a third era that geologists are calling the Anthropocene epoch, in which, humanity, through technology, has become the main determinant of all the world's systems, including biology and environment."

From Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species by Peter Nowak @2015. Published by Goose Lane Editions.