Cameron Bailey defends Ru by Kim Thúy


Ru traces the journey of a girl who is ousted from her affluent home in Saigon, travels by boat to an overcrowded Malaysian refugee camp, and finally settles in Quebec.

Cameron Bailey is the Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival. Previously, he was a Festival programmer for eleven years. Toronto Life has named him one of Toronto's 50 Most Influential People three years in a row. For many years, Bailey was a writer and broadcaster on film.

Kim Thúy left Vietnam as a boat person when she was ten years old. She has worked as a seamstress, an interpreter, a lawyer, a restaurant owner and chef. Her first novel, Ru, has been published in twenty countries. Her most recent novel is Mãn. Thúy lives in Montreal, where she devotes herself to writing.

Sheila Fischman is one of Canada's most celebrated translators. She has translated more than 150 Quebec novels into English, including both of Kim Thúy's novels, Ru and Mãn, as well as books by such noted authors as Gaétan Soucy, Jacques Poulin, Anne Hébert, Michel Tremblay and Pascale Quiviger.


Cameron Bailey's final argument for Ru on Canada Reads Day 4:

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Why Cameron Bailey believes Ru should win Canada Reads:

"This is one of the millions of stories of migration in this country. It is the story of a Vietnamese Canadian woman migrating from Vietnam to Canada. It is harrowing, beautiful and has incredibly compressed, perfect writing. This is the story of the future of Canada. It's a country built on the genius of the aboriginal people who lived here for thousands of years, but the next step is going to be the future and connecting to the world through the people who live here. This is just one of those stories, and it is told beautifully."

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