Amazon suspended my book for too many hyphens: Graeme Reynolds

British fantasy horror novelist Graeme Reynolds has apparently won a brief battle with Amazon over the number of hyphens in one of his books.

Writing on his blog, Reynolds said he received a bizarre email earlier this week from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing that he first thought was "a wind-up."

high-moor-2-graeme-reynolds-200.jpgApparently, a Kindle customer had complained to the company that the digital version of his novel High Moor 2: Moonstruck contained too many hyphens. Amazon contacted Reynolds to say this "significantly impacts the readability of your book" and that the company had suspended its sales until he made corrections.

"Books with serious errors that are not corrected after 60 days will have their product detail pages removed from the website," Amazon wrote to Reynolds in an email, which he posted on his blog. "Your book will still appear in your Bookshelf, and you can update it and resubmit it at any time."

The book had been on sale since March 2013 and was well-reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads. Reynolds said he spent nearly $1800 CDN getting his book professionally edited and didn't see an issue with excessive hyphens.

"What's next? Will we start getting penalized for using words of more than two syllables?" Reynolds wrote. "Is the semi-colon also headed for extinction? Is J.K Rowling going to have to take down Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince until she sorts out the blatant hyphenation in the title? Is Cormac McCarthy going to have to go and put in punctuation to The Road?"

After Reynolds took to his blog and social media with his story, it appeared that Amazon put the book back on sale. The Telegraph said it could not reach the company for comment.

Reynolds spoke about the strange situation with As It Happens' host Carol Off:

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