Sweet Affliction

Anna Leventhal

Sweet Affliction

Anna Leventhal's debut book of short stories is a connected set of darkly funny tales that all share Montreal as their setting. From a pregnancy test taken at a wedding to the dystopian chaos that is "Moving Day" in Montreal, Sweet Afflictions reveals the frailties, perversions, and resilience of a diverse cast of city-dwellers. The book won the 2014 QWF's Concordia University First Book Prize, beating out her friend--and Scotiabank Giller Prize winner--Sean Michaels' Us Conductors. Leventhal is a fresh new voice on the scene.


In gym class we have to measure ourselves with calipers to find out how much of our body is made up of pure fat, as if we are bags of microwave popcorn. You are supposed to pinch a wodge of skin in the calipers and measure your belly, thighs, upper arms--all the mayonnaise-coloured hairless bits. The thickness of the roll of flesh you conjure up tells you how much of you consists of dimpled subcutaneous lard and how likely you are to die young

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