Landing Gear

Kate Pullinger

Landing Gear

Worlds, and lives, collide in Landing Gear. Yacub, a Pakistani man, stows away in a plane's landing gear in a desperate attempt to make it to the West. After he falls out and lands on Harriet's car, in the parking lot of an upscale British supermarket, she and her affluent family take him in, with unexpected results for all concerned. Landing Gear is a compelling portrait of the way we live now, and a thoughtful exploration of the impact of technology and globalization on our most intimate relationships.


I have to go to the supermarket today, otherwise my family will starve.

Well, not starve, exactly. In the event of a war or a cataclysm of some kind, there is enough food in the house to last for - how long? The pantry. The fridge. The storage jars. the cupboard full of breakfast cereal. The shelf of tins. The peas that have fallen out of their bag and are rolling around in the bottom of the freezer. The tahini that is older than my teenaged child.

We would last at least one month, maybe even two, before we would have to eat those jars of red wine preserves given to me several years ago. Except that isn't the point. The fact that there is already a ton of food in my house and I am on my way to buy more is not the point.

From Landing Gear by Kate Pullinger ©2014. Published by Doubleday Canada.

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