Celia's Song

Lee Maracle

Celia's Song

Set on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Celia's Song chronicles the experiences of a Nuu'Chahlnuth family over several generations, and vividly brings to life the destructive legacy of colonial times - and a community's capacity for healing. Its richly imagined characters include a sea serpent and a shape-shifting mink who bears witness to the past.


There is something helpless in being a witness.

No one comes here anymore, just me. I can't seem to resist returning to the place where everyone died. Some insane kind of illness overtook them, burned them with its heat; the monster image disfigured them before taking their lives. It's so quiet. The longhouse is decrepit now. I stand, transfixed. It looks as though a single shingle has blown off the roof during a storm, beginning the process of destruction, precipitating the damage inside.

From Celia's Song by Lee Maracle ©2014. Published by Cormorant Books.