This is Where I Leave You

Jonathan Tropper

This is Where I Leave You

When Judd Foxman's father dies, all four of his children return home to honour his dying wish: that they sit shiva as a family for seven days. What unfolds is dysfunctional family drama at its finest. Secrets are revealed and grudges return as the Foxmans discover, once and for all, what it means to be a family.

This is Where I Leave You was adapted into a film starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and Adam Driver in 2014. It was directed and co-produced by Canadian-American director Shawn Levy.


"I sit down on the bed, cradling her little head against my shoulder, inhaling her sweet baby scent. Someday she'll get older, and the world will start having its way with her. She'll throw temper tantrums, she'll need speech therapy, she'll grow breasts and have pimples, she'll fight with her parents, she'll worry about her weight, she'll put out, she'll have her heart broken, she'll be happy, she'll be lonely, she'll be complicated, she'll be confused, she'll be depressed, she'll fall in love and get married, and she'll have a baby of her own. But right now she is pure and undiminished and beautiful."

From This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper ©2010. Published by Plume.

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