The Humbling

Philip Roth

The Humbling

Simon Axler was once a huge stage star, famous for his charisma and talent. Now he's an aging has-been trying desperately to hold on to the little fame and fortune he has left. With his wife, fans and love of his work all long gone, how does one create a purposeful life, and come to terms with the fact that life, eventually, ends? That's the central question of Philip Roth's 30th novel, The Humbling.

In 2014, The Humbling was adapted into a film starring Al Pacino and directed by Barry Levinson.


"Play the moment, play whatever plays for you in that moment, and then go to the next moment. It doesn't matter where you're going. Don't worry about that. Just take it moment, moment, moment, moment."

From The Humbling by Philip Roth ©2009. Published by Penguin Canada.

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