Still Alice

Lisa Genova

Still Alice

Still Alice tells the story of Alice Howland, a psychology professor at Harvard who, at the age of 50, is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. As her condition worsens, Alice's life, and her relationships with her family, friends and her work, change drastically.

Lisa Genova self-published Still Alice in 2007 and it became a huge success. After growing in popularity through word of mouth, the novel was picked up by Simon & Schuster in 2009 and spent more than 40 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.


"She liked being reminded of butterflies. She remembered being six or seven and crying over the fates of the butterflies in her yard after learning that they lived for only a few days. Her mother had comforted her and told her not to be sad for the butterflies, that just because their lives were short didn't mean they were tragic. Watching them flying in the warm sun among the daisies in their garden, her mother had said to her, see, they have a beautiful life. Alice liked remembering that."

From Still Alice by Lisa Genova ©2007. Published by Gallery Books.