Men, Women & Children

Chad Kultgen

Men, Women & Children

Chad Kultgen takes on American suburbia in Men, Women & Children. Through a group of junior high school students and their equally dysfunctional parents, Kultgen reflects on sex, video games, celebrity culture, pornography, and more, with his controversial and original perspective.

Men, Women & Children was adapted into a film starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Emma Thompson in 2014 by Canadian writer/director Jason Reitman.


""One night, Tim stumbled across a documentary called Manufacturing Consent. After viewing it, he found some writing online by its subject, Noam Chomsky, and as a result began to feel that there wasn't really a point to anything, that free will was an illusion, and that the things most people invested time and energy in were systems of control designed by those who sought to manipulate the general populace."

From Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen ©2011. Published by HarperPerennial.

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