Medicine Walk

Richard Wagamese

Medicine Walk

In Medicine Walk, a father and son attempt to reconnect as they travel through the backwoods of British Columbia. Eldon Starlight, a Korean War vet estranged from his 16-year-old son, Franklin, is dying. He seeks out Franklin to take him to the mountains, so the can be buried sitting up and facing east, in the Ojibway warrior way.

Medicine Walk is a touching story about relationships, reconciliation, hope and heartbreak.


He walked the old mare out of the pen and led her to the gate that opened out into the field. There was a frost from the night before, and they left tracks behind them. He looped the rope around the middle rail of the fence and turned to walk back to the barn for the blanket and saddle. The tracks looked like inkblots in the seeping melt, and he stood for a moment and tried to imagine the scenes they held. He wasn't much of a dreamer though he liked to play at it now and then. But he could only see the limp grass and mud of the field and he shook his head at the folly and crossed the pen and strode through the open black maw of the barn door.

Reprinted from Medicine Walk (c) 2014 by Richard Wagamese. Published by McClelland & Stewart, a division of Random House, LLC, a Penguin Random House Company.