Dead Stars

Bruce Wagner

Dead Stars

In contemporary society, where the Kardashians are the American equivalent of royalty, it seems as if nothing matters except fame. An original cast of characters buy into this notion and do whatever it takes to achieve - and then maintain - notoriety, at any cost. Dead Stars is a scathing and fascinating exploration of Hollywood and the culture it breeds as a result.

Bruce Wagner wrote the screenplay to the 2014 David Cronenber-directed film Map to Our Stars. Wagner wrote this novel in 2012, which is based on his original screenplay, after the film originally fell through. Map to the Stars stars Julianne Moore.


"A current one to watch was Michael Douglas, who at this moment was being chauffeured around in a Music Express Mercedes. Jerzy was one of a handful of people on planet Earth who knew Douglas was having dinner with Heather Morris at a private estate above the reservoir in Silverlake Hills. He told his twits&shouts to sit on that because if it was a romantic thing (more would be revealed), a furtive exit pic/shadowkiss could gross a fucking mill & if they didn't keep their mouths shut, they wouldn't get a penny, which was the only way to guarantee any kind of silence . . . the situation tho was de facto way volatile, he couldn't keep a lid on it too long, it was a LeakyLeak world like Tom-Tom said, the tomtom drums could be heard in every global village, the Douglas/Hemo tête-à-teats (he sent out a tweet: does Hemo still have her implants?) would need to come to a head soon, i.e., before his rival pack-o'-ratsies found out.

This, as Hyman Roth said, was the life he chose."

From Dead Stars by Bruce Wagner ©2013. Published by Plume.

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