All Saints

K.D. Miller

All Saints
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The congregation of All Saints Anglican Church populates this short story collection. From the rector whose wife struggles with mental illness to the newlyweds to the old women who come every week, each character is searching for community and connection in this powerful collection about faith and hope.

From the 2014 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize jury:

"From the first page of All Saints, readers know they're in the hands of a true writer. With language both rich and restrained, images both precise and evocative, Miller entices us into the lives of people who all share a connection to an Anglican church being slowly deserted. Thanks to the subtle and intricate structure of the collection, the individual stories knit into a whole, achieving the effect of a novel, offering portraits of individuals and their tenuous community that claim a permanent place in our minds, and leaving us grateful for K.D. Miller's artistry."


"Simon closes the door of his office behind him. Locks it. Checks that it is locked. Turns and wades through the dark until he nudges the edge of his desk. Works his way around to his chair and sits.

He pulls open the bottom left drawer, bunches the hanging files together and reaches into the cavity at the back. Touches a softness that always surprises him, like the fur of a sleeping animal.

While his eyes adjust to the dark, he lifts the sweater out, holds it up and shakes it gently. Telling himself again that he should be keeping it in a plastic bag. Telling himself again that he shouldn't be keeping it at all."

From All Saints by K.D. Miller Copyright ©2014. Published by Biblioasis.

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