Aislinn Hunter on her novel The World Before Us



In Aislinn Hunter's new novel, The World Before Us, we meet Jane who works as an archivist in a London museum. When she was 15 years old, the little girl she was babysitting disappeared when they were out on a walk in the woods. It's a split second event that shapes Jane's life and the course of the novel.

The World Before Us is Hunter's first novel in 12 years. She was on The Next Chapter to discuss the novel and her career. You can listen to her conversation with Shelagh Rogers in the audio player below:

Aislinn Hunter on why it took her 12 years to write The World Before Us:

"I had a goal when I finished my last novel Stay. There was a lot of pressure to produce, but I really wanted to grow as a writer, so I was happy to take my time as I went along. Really, what I wanted to do was hone my craft and create a book that had every good thought I could put into it. Novels are really, really hard. I don't think that, even if you've done one novel successfully or quickly means you can do another successfully or quickly. It was an arduous process and there was a steep learning curve."

Aislinn Hunter's comments have been edited and condensed.