Waiting For the Man

Arjun Basu

Waiting For the Man

Waiting for the Man is a compelling, winding story about a disillusioned New York advertising copywriter named Joe that is searching for something more. His desire for meaning in his life leads to him dreaming of "the Man," a mysterious figure who offers him instructions. As Joe's eccentric behaviour begins attracting attention, the Man tells him to head West, where our protagonist ends up on a Montana ranch looking for his purpose.


"It was as if I were floating. This was what I first noticed. The original thing. This floating business was a sign. Of something going on inside my head. I would find myself off the ground, hovering, and then moving, slowly, effortlessly, seeing my own self encumbered by the normal laws of physics, everyone and everything still governed by the rules and regulations that make things run. I was part of it and was apart. My floating self felt new and improved. Smarter. Fresher. More alive."

From Waiting for the Man by Arjun Basu. Copyright © Arjun Basu, 2014. Published by ECW Press.


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