My October

Claire Holden Rothman

My October

The October Crisis casts a long shadow over the Lévesque family, even though 30 years have passed since that shocking incident. Luc is a separatist and accomplished author facing a midlife crisis; his wife and translator, Hannah, has rejected her English-speaking family; and their 14-year old son, Hugo, feels overshadowed by his fathers' accomplishments and notoriety. It all adds up to an explosive situation, which Claire Holden Rothman explores with insight and compassion in this compelling novel .


"I pick up one of the books and run my fingers over its cover. The delivery man was right. It's solid, brick-like. Which is a paradox, because its contents are the opposite of solid. But that, I am discovering, is the wonder of this enterprise. This book is made of words, insubstantial, weightless things I dreamed up and strung together to make a plot. Nothing at all really, and at the same time everything."

From My October by Claire Holden Rothman ©2014. Published by Penguin Canada.