For Today I am a Boy

Kim Fu

For Today I am a Boy

For Today I am a Boy is about the only son of a Chinese family who knows from an early age that he is a girl in the body of a boy. Peter Huang struggles with reconciling his identity with the small town ideals that surround him as well as his immigrants parents' ideas about who he should be and how he should behave.

A stunningly beautiful and moving debut, Kim Fu's For Today I am a Boy is a powerful introduction to a great new Canadian voice.


On the day my sister Adele is born, my mother goes to the butcher. It is January 3, 1969. Her belly, hard as packed snow, bobs outside of her unzipped parka as she walks up to the counter. An enormous sow is laid out in the display case. In her mind, Mother replaces the pig's body with her own: her legs hanging on hooks at the back; her tiny feet encased in rounded, hoof-like leather boots; the shinbone ready to be held in a vise and shaved for charcuterie. Her torso is cut below the breast and lies flat, showing a white cross-section of vertebrae. Her head is intact, eyes clouded yellow and rolled upward. The dried-out edges of her ears let light through. Human ears probably taste similar to pig's ears, she thinks. A glutinous outer layer with crisp cartilage underneath She could stew them, char them in a skillet, watch her skin blister and pop.

From For Today I am a Boy by Kim Fu ©2014. Published by HarperCollins Canada.


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