An unlikely romance novel author


You're never too old to go after you dreams - just ask 86-year-old Georgia Gorringe. The great-great-grandmother just published her first book, a steamy romance called No Good-Bye. CBC Radio's As It Happens called Georgia up at her Utah home to find out more about the book. You can listen to the interview in the audio player below (which we highly recommend):

media clip

In the novel, Gloria, a bored housewife gets turned on by a radio announcer with "a voice was smooth as butter and sweeter than honey." His voice, Georgia says, gets an "orgasmic" response from Gloria. They eventually meet, but Georgia refused to share any plot points that would spoil the novel for potential readers.

Georgia, who published the book under the pseudonym Georgie Marie, insists that the book is not biographical and that the man with the "magic voice" is not based on a real person, although she understands why so many people are surprised by the person behind the book. "I'm a great-great-grandmother - people can't believe I wrote it," she said.

Georgia has always dreamed of being a writer and took creative writing classes when she was younger. But writing a book was a dream she kept putting off for no good reason. "I keep asking myself that," she said. She finally realized, now that she was in her eighties, it was now or never. "If I'm going to write one, I better do it before I die."