A Good House

Bonnie Burnard

A Good House
Bill Chambers returns home to his family from the Second World War, injured but hopeful about resuming his life. As the years pass, the family bonds are tested by tragedies and change, but also strengthened by triumphs. 

A Good House won the Scotiabank Giller Prize, then called the Giller Prize, in 1999.


The magnificent houses, the three old-money brick houses, each with a small turret and a wraparound porch, had been built uptown near the churches when the town was younger and smaller, before the Great War. The wraparound porches were there to hold rainy-day children and morning tea carts and quiet late-evening conversation, cosy, discreet conversation which could not easily take place in front rooms or kitchens or bedrooms, certainly not on the street.

A Good House by Bonnie Burnard ©1999. Published by Henry Holt and Company.