The Stone Diaries

Carol Shields

The Stone Diaries
A fictional autobiography, The Stone Diaries tells the story of Daisy Goodwill, an ordinary woman who looks back on childhood, marriage and motherhood, and traces her life in diary entries, letters, photographs and to-do lists. Readers get to know her intimately in the course of the narrative, which centres on domestic life. It's a tribute to Carol Shields' brilliance -- and wry wit -- that readers come to appreciate what's extraordinary about Daisy Goodwill's conventional life.

The Stone Diaries won the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction in 1993 and the Pulitzer Prize in 1995.


"My mother's name was Mercy Stone Goodwill. She was only thirty years old when she took sick, a boiling hot day, standing there in her back kitchen, making a Malvern pudding for her husband's supper. A cookery book lay open on the table: "Take some slices of stale bread," the recipe said, "and one pint of currants; half a pint of raspberries; four ounces of sugar; some sweet cream if available." Of course she's divided the recipe in half, there being just the two of them, and what with the scarcity of currants, and Cuyler (my father) being a dainty eater. A pick-and-nibble fellow, she calls him, able to take his food or leave it."

From The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields ©1993. Published by Vintage Canada.

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