CBC Books 100 Bonus 10: novels that make you even prouder to be Canadian


On July 1, we revealed the CBC Books 100: Novels that make you proud to be Canadian. The response was overwhelming - thank you! We received so many tweets, emails and Facebook comments about the list from passionate readers all over the world. But what we heard again and again were recommendations for great Canadian novels that didn't make our list.

That got us thinking. We wanted the CBC Books 100 to inspire a conversation about Canadian literature, about the novels on the list and beyond. So we looked at the recommendations and have put together what we are calling the CBC Books 100: Bonus 10. These are novels that popped up repeatedly in the comments we received from readers. 

But first, a short side note: one of the most popular suggestions was the great Nobel Prize-winning Alice Munro. We think Alice is one of the greatest Canadian writers to ever hold a pen, but this list is reserved for novels only. Celebrate Alice by checking out all our coverage of her life and legacy and stay tuned - we may have more 100 lists up our sleeves.