South African author Nadine Gordimer dies at age 90


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Nobel Prize-winning writer Nadine Gordimer, one of the most celebrated South African literary talents and anti-apartheid activists, has died at the age of 90, CBC News has confirmed.

Gordimer's family has confirmed that she died peacefully at her Johannesburg home on Sunday.

Her award-winning books frequently dealt with political, moral and racial tensions inspired by the tumult and struggle she witnessed in her home country. Her 1974 novel The Conservationist, about a rich white businessman in South Africa searching for meaning, was the co-winner of the Booker Prize. Her other awards include the Rome Prize in 1984, the Nelly Sachs Prize in 1986, and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991.

We've highlighted some of the insightful interviews Gordimer has done with CBC hosts over the years.

Writers & Company (1991):

Eleanor Wachtel talks to Gordimer about her Nobel Prize accolade and how her political activism has grown over the years.

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As It Happens (2013)

Following the death of Nelson Mandela, Carol Off gets in touch with Gordimer to discuss his achievements, his legacy and their friendship.

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Sunday Edition (2014)

Michael Enright pays tribute to the author by revisiting two interviews she gave him over her career.

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