No Time for Goodbye

Linwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye

When Cynthia Bigge was 14, her entire family disappeared. Twenty-five years later, she has a family of her own, but she remains haunted by the mystery of what happened that fateful night. When strange things start happening, it appears as though someone is back to finish what they started. Linwood Barclay is one of Canada's premier thriller writers and a bestselling author around the world, and in No Time for Goodbye, he spins a page-turning tale that's sure to keep readers up all night.

From the book:

"Cynthia glanced about for a note. Her mom was big about leaving notes when she had to go out. Even when she was angry. A long enough note to say, 'On your own today,' or 'Make yourself some eggs, have to drive Todd,' or just 'Back later.' If she was really angry, instead of signing off with 'Love, Mom,' she'd write 'L, Mom.'

There was no note.

Cynthia worked up the nerve to shout 'Mom?' Her own voice suddenly sounded strange to her. Maybe because there was something in it she didn't want to recognize."

From no Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barlcay ©2008. Published by Bantam.

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