Kit's Law

Donna Morrissey

Kit's Law

Donna Morrissey's engaging debut novel centres on 14-year-old Kit, her mentally handicapped mother and her ferociously protective grandmother, who live in an isolated fishing community in 1950s Newfoundland. Two threats shake the family to their core: a rapist and killer is on the loose, and the local reverend has threatened to put Kit's mother in a home and Kit in an orphanage. An original coming-of-age story set in the unique landscape and culture of Newfoundland, Kit's Law is a powerful story of redemption, loyalty and hope.


"Swish! The belt whistled through the air and thudded dully across padded flesh. Willard cried out, and he must've pulled his hand back because all I heard for the next savaged minute was the swishing of the belt smacking across the top of his desk, over and over and over, until Willard started bawling, more from the fright I allows, than of having the belt hit him. Then Mr. Haynes stomped back to the front of the room and, picking up a piece of chalk, scrawled across the board 'I will not tell tales out of school' and ordered all of us to write the sentence one hundred times in our scribblers. Then, while we were writing as fast as our arms would let us, he marched up and down the aisle, ripping the pages out of our scribblers as we filled them up, and scrunching them into little balls, fired them into the coal bucket along the side of the stove at the back of the classroom."

From: Kit's Law by Donna Morrissey. Copyright © Donna Morrissey, 1999. Reprinted by Permission of Penguin Canada Books Inc.