Kiss of the Fur Queen

Tomson Highway

Kiss of the Fur Queen

When two Cree boys are torn from their families and sent to a Catholic residential school, their lives fall apart. They experience abuse and alienation, but fight for survival. They have a secret ally: a guardian angel known as the Fur Queen, a mythical trickster determined to make sure the boys stay safe and fulfill their destiny.

Heartbreaking and powerful, Kiss of the Fur Queen is a fictionalized version of what happened to Thomson Highway and his brother.

Tomson Highway was the first aboriginal writer to receive the Order of Canada.

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"The Trickster, of course," Gabriel finally answered himself, "Weesageechak for sure. The clown who bridges humanity and God -- a God who laughs, a God who's here, not for guilt, not for suffering, but for a good time. Except this time, the Trickster representing God as a woman, a goddess in fur. Like in this picture. I've always thought that, ever since we were little kids. I mean, if Native languages have no gender, then why should we? And why, for that matter, should God?"

From Kiss of the Fur Queen by Tomson Highway ©1999. Published by Anchor Canada.