George & Rue

George Elliott Clarke

George & Rue

George & Rue tells the painful story of two men who murdered a cab driver in New Brunswick in 1949 and their eventual conviction and execution. Based on the true story of George Elliott Clarke's mother's cousins George and Rufus Hamilton, this powerful novel blends fact and fiction to explore the circumstances that led to the crime, particularly the violence, racism and poverty that shaped these men and led them to commit a "slug-ugly" crime.



A white devil moon haunts the black 1949 brand-new four-door Ford sedan when a black hammer slip out a pocket and smuck the taxi driver's head, from the side. Not just a knock-out blow, the hammer was a landslide of iron. It crashed down unnervingly.

From George & Rue by George Elliott Clarke ©2004. Published by HarperCollins Publishers.

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