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When a whale is beached in a small Newfoundland village, no one expects a man to emerge. But that's exactly what happens, setting in motion a fantastical tale about two families whose fates intertwine over the course of 200 years. In Galore, Michael Crummey recreates Newfoundland's history through the eyes of several generations and lyrically highlights the province's unique culture and mythology. The book is an evocative history lesson about one of the most misunderstood corners of Canada.

Galore won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best Book, Caribbean and Canada, and the Canadian Authors' Association Literary Award in 2009. The book was also a finalist for the 2009 Governor General's Literary Award.


"The ugly work went on through the day. Black fires were burning on the beach to render the blubber to oil, and the stench stoppered the harbour, as if they were labouring in a low-ceilinged warehouse. The white underbelly was exposed where the carcass keeled to one side, the stomach's membrane floating free in the shallows. The Toucher triplets were poking idly at the massive gut with splitting knives and prongs, dirty seawater pouring from the gash they opened, a crest of blood, a school of undigested capelin and herring, and then the head appeared, the boys screaming and falling away at the sight. It was a human head, the hair bleached white. One pale arm flopped through the ragged incision and dangled into the water."

From Galore by Michael Crummey ©2010. Published by Anchor Canada.

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