Fugitive Pieces

Anne Michaels

Fugitive Pieces

In this spellbinding novel, poet Anne Michaels tells the story of the Jewish experience during the Second World War and its painful legacy through the eyes of two men: Jakob Beer, an acclaimed poet who, as a small boy, literally digs his own grave to hide from the Nazis when his family is captured; and Ben, the son of Holocaust survivors, who delves into Jakob's past and the experiences of his parents.

Fugitive Pieces won the Orange Prize, the Guardian Fiction Prize, the Books in Canada First Novel Award and the Trillium Book Award.


"I ran from the sound of the river into the woods, dark as the inside of a box. I ran until the first light wrung the last grayness out of the stars, dripping dirty light between the trees. I knew what to do. I took a stick and dug. I planted myself like a turnip and hid my face with leaves."

From Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels ©1996. Published by Emblem Editions.