As for Me and My House

Sinclair Ross

As for Me and My House

First published in 1957, Sinclair Ross's landmark novel chronicles the life of a minister and his wife living in the fictional prairie town of Horizon during the Depression. Told through diary entries written by the wife, As for Me and My House is a rich and intimate exploration of a relationship and the ties that keep people together - and, ultimately, tear them apart.


It's an immense night out there, wheeling and windy. The lights on the street and in the houses are helpless against the black wetness, little unilluminating glints that might be painted on it. The town seems huddled together, cowering on a high, tiny perch, afraid to move lest it topple into the wind. Close to the parsonage is the church, black even against the darkness, towering ominously up through the night and merging with it. There's a soft steady swish of rain on the roof, and a gurgle of eavestroughs running over. Above, in the high cold night, the wind goes swinging past, indifferent, liplessly mournful. It frightens me, makes me feel lost, dropped on this little perch of town and abandoned. I wish Philip would waken.

From: As for Me and My House by Sinclair Ross. Copyright © Sinclair Ross, 1957. Published by New Canadian Library.

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