The CBC Books Father's Day gift guide

This Sunday is Father's Day! Why not show your dad how much you love and appreciate him with the best kind of present - books. Below are eight great options for dad.

If your dad has a way with words:


Poems that Make Grown Men Cry, edited by Anthony and Ben Holden: Anthony Holden and his son Ben approached 100 prominent men and asked them to share a poem that moved them and explain why. This collection is filled with thoughtful pieces from writers, film makers, academics and more, and should make any father or lover of literature tear up a little bit.

If your dad is a sports nut:


Up, Up and Away by Jonah Keri: Ten years ago, the Montreal Expos moved to Washington and were renamed the Nationals, leaving Canada with only one major league baseball team. Jonah Keri has written the first comprehensive look at the Expos' rise and fall, assessing the ongoing impact the team has had on the game and its fans. 

If your dad is a money man:


Flash Boys by Michael Lewis: If your dad likes to talk stocks and bonds, he'll love this real-life story about a nice Canadian kid discovering what appears to be a stock market scam - high-frequency trading - and deciding to do something about it. Flash Boys is an accessible and fast-paced read that will open eyes to the dark corners found on Wall Street.

If your dad loves to laugh:


No Relation by Terry Fallis: In a single day, a middle-aged copywriter whose life was good, but not great, gets fired and dumped by his girlfriend. Add the life-long curse of being named Earnest Hemingway, and the end result is a charming tale about taking control of your life, spun with Fallis' trademark combination of humour and heart.

If your dad is a film buff:


Testimony by Steven Spielberg: Twenty years ago, Schindler's List hit the silver screen to much critical acclaim. It was a challenging production, emotionally and technically, for all involved. This illustrated book takes a look at what went on behind-the-scenes, from research to writing to production, through the voices of the cast and crew. The book also explores Spielberg's work with the USC Shoah Foundation, which the director founded after the film came out. Spielberg believes the foundation is the "most important legacy of Schindler's List."

If your dad loves a good scare:


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: This novel picks up the story King started in The Shining. The young son in that book, Danny Torrance, is all grown up. He's a drifting alcoholic, haunted by his time at the Overlook Hotel and trying to get his life together. King fans old and new will appreciate this classic, creepy tale about battling demons both external and internal. 

If your dad roots for the underdogs:


David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell: Everyone loves the story of an underdog unexpectedly coming out on top. But Gladwell thinks we may have been looking at these David-and-Goliath tales the wrong way. The pop psychologist looks at examples across a variety of industries - civil rights and cancer research among them - to challenge the way we think about obstacles big and small.

If your dad is ready for any emergency:


The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell: What would we need to know to rebuild the world after an apocalypse? That's the question Dr. Lewis Dartnell, a research fellow at the University of Leicester, sets out to answer in this book. One-part survival manual, one-part thought experiment, The Knowledge is a must-read for anyone who likes to be ready for anything - even the end of the world.

If your dad loves to talk politics:


Shopping for Votes by Susan Delacourt: Political parties have gotten really good at selling their message to voters. Susan Delacourt explores how Canadian political parties became so media savvy and what this means for governance, democracy and accountability.

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