French adults using colouring books to cope with stress


According to a report in the Telegraph, France tops the world in sales of colouring books, largely due to a major trend where adults use them to help cope with stress.

Art therapy or anti-stress colouring books are extremely popular in France, with publishers pointing out that these books now sell faster than cookbooks in the country. Currently, nearly half of the nation's top selling books in the "practical" category are colouring books.

One colouring book devotee, Cynthia Riviere, told the Telegraph that she spends at least one hour a day colouring.


"I realized that colouring makes my headaches go away. I concentrate, my breathing slows down and I move into a deep calm," said the 35-year-old.

One of the most popular adult colouring books series is Art Therapie - 100 Coloriages Anti-Stress series by Hachette, which features medieval art, gardens, and psychedelic imagery for consumers to colour.

Studies by the World Health Organization suggest that French residents are among the most depressed populations in the world, with 21 per cent of the people experiencing extended periods of depression during their lifetime.

No time to stop by the bookstore? Get started with these "colouring book pages," courtesy of CBC Books. Click on the image to download the larger version. If you do end up colouring these in, send us a scan or photo ( and we may add it to this post!

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