5 authors from Brazil you need to read

"[T]he images we have of Brazil fall far short of the whole story. Brazil remains a country relatively little known to the outside world."

-- Eleanor Watchtel

When we think of Brazil, we can easily summon up images of soccer, samba, drug lords, rainforests and beaches. But the country is so much more than that. South America's largest nation will showcase all it has to offer on the world stage in two major events, during the World Cup this month, and again in 2016 when it hosts the Summer Olympics.

Eleanor Wachtel decided to go to Brazil and discover more about its art and culture and, more specifically, its writers. Her conversations became a five-part Writers & Company special. Eleanor wrote about her experience in Brazil and you can read her first-person account here.

If you missed any of these illuminating interviews, don't worry. We've rounded them up below. Please meet five fascinating authors from Brazil, whose works deserve to be read and loved by readers from all over the world.

Sergio Rodrigues


Sergio Rodrigues began his career as a journalist, reporting for the country's leading national newspaper. He covered a wide variety of topics, including sports, entertainment and culture. Around the year 2000, he turned to fiction, and since then he has published three novels and two books of stories. His latest novel, The Feint celebrates Brazil's star soccer player Pele and his virtuoso maneuver in the 1970 FIFA World Cup.

Listen to Sergio's conversation with Eleanor Watchel:

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Ana Maria Machado


Ana Maria Machado has been writing for some 45 years and has published more than 100 titles, both for children and adults, that have sold 19 million copies. Ana Maria Machado is president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters and has won many major literary prizes, from Brazil's National Award for her whole body of work, to the Hans Christian Anderson Medal, an international award regarded as the Nobel for kids' books, also for her ouevre.

Listen to Ana Maria's conversation with Eleanor Watchel:

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Michel Laub


Michel Laub is one of the top names among the younger generation of Brazilian writers recently featured in a special issue of Granta. His novel Diary of a Fall deals with themes of memory and intolerance, drawing on his own experience growing up in Porto Alegre's Jewish community.

Listen to Michel's conversation with Eleanor Watchel:

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Bernardo Carvalho


Novelist Bernardo Carvalho takes readers on a fascinating journey among the indigenous peoples of Brazil's heartland in his latest book, investigating the mysterious death of a young anthropologist in the Amazon. A mix of fiction and autobiography, his book is Brazil's Heart of Darkness.

Listen to Bernardo's conversation with Eleanor Watchel:

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Luis Fernando Verissimo


Luis Fernando Verissimo, one of Brazil's most beloved and witty writers, takes a satirical approach to the politics and culture of the southernmost region of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, in both his popular newspaper columns and his charming "literary mysteries."

Listen to Luis's conversation with Eleanor Watchel:

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