5 great literary sketches from Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is known for its hilarious recurring sketches. Over its 39 seasons (yes, SNL turns 40 next year, we can't believe it either), there have been quite a few sketches about books. From "Looks at Books" from the mid-1970s to "Book Beat" from the early 1980s to "My Big Thick Novel" from the early 2000s, turning to literature for laughs has been a staple of SNL since the very beginning.

CBC Books looked through the highlights. Here are five of the best book sketches ever seen on SNL.

Lindsay Lohan in sexy Harry Potter:

Penny Marshall tries to sell her new book:

The one-page book, featuring Amy Poehler and Steve Martin:

Let's Talk Books, featuring Joshua Jackson:

50 Shades of Grey parody: