George R.R. Martin's 'secret weapon' writing tip


George R.R. Martin, the bestselling author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series that spawned the mega-hit Game of Thrones TV show, has revealed his "secret weapon" writing tip.

Use an old school DOS computer.

dos-computer-130.jpgThat's right, the 65-year-old writer behind the most lucrative fantasy franchise in modern times does all his book writing on a computer that doesn't connect to the internet, he told Conan O'Brien during a recent interview. He uses another computer for his web browsing and to check emails, but Martin wants his writing computer to be completely incapable of offering distractions.

He also revealed that he uses WordStar 4.0, a word processor popular in the early 1980s, because he hates automatica spelling and grammar corrections, which are staple features in modern programs. This makes sense for an author who creates entirely fictional races, cultures, and languages.

"It does everything I want a word processing program to do and it doesn't do anything else," he said. "I don't want any help."

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