Dad arrested after protesting Jodi Picoult book

It's not uncommon for parents to protest books their children are assigned to read that contain sensitive and sexual topics, but a New Hampshire father has made international headlines after getting arrested for doing so.


Last week, William Baer attended a school board meeting where he raised concerns over Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, which his teenage daughter had been assigned in class. The novel's plot includes a bullied student that goes on a shooting rampage and a sex scene between two teenage students.

Baer engaged in what became a heated argument with the school board members. He said the school board gave the parents no notice about the book, and asked the school board members to read the sex scene aloud, which they refused. In a two-minute clip posted by ABC-affiliate WMUR-TV, Baer can be heard saying "nobody's talking about banning the book." He was asked to leave the meeting, but Baer said that a police officer would have to arrest him to make him go. Well, that's exactly what happened next.

When word of the incident got out, Picoult received several tweets of support for her book.