CBC Books summer 2014 reading list: The Son by Jo Nesbø

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Jo Nesbø is the next big thing in Scandinavian crime fiction and his latest demonstrates why. A dark and thrilling re-imagining of the story of Jesus Christ, The Son introduces readers to Sonny Loftus, a young man doing time for other people's crimes in exchange for a steady supply of heroin. But the truth about his father's death sends him into a tail-spin - and on a page-turning, bone-chilling quest for revenge.

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"People called the boy Sonny and said that he had killed two people as a teenager, that his father had been a corrupt police officer and that Sonny had healing hands. It was hard to see if the boy was listening--his green eyes and most of his face were hidden behind his long, matted hair--but that didn't matter. Rover just wanted his sins forgiven and to receive Sonny's distinctive blessing so that tomorrow he could walk out of Staten Maximum Security Prison with the feeling of being a truly cleansed man. "

Jo Nesbo, The Son

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