CBC Books summer 2014 reading list: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O'Neill


The Tremblay twins are captivating and charming - two traits their folk singer father took advantage of when they were growing up. Now they are almost 20 years old and living with their grandfather on the seedy side of Montreal's St. Laurent Boulevard. The twins are on the verge of adulthood just as Quebec is on the verge of a referendum. You'll be mesmerized by both in O'Neill's latest, a colourful love letter to Montreal and its messiness.

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Heather O'Neill discusses The Girl Who Was Saturday Night on The Next Chapter:

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All the buildings on that block were strip clubs. What on earth was their heating bill like in the winter? They were beautiful, skinny stone buildings with gargoyles above the windows. They were the same colour as the rain. There were lights blinking around the doors. You followed the light bulbs up the stairs. They were long-life light bulbs, not the name-brand kind. The music got louder and louder as you approached the entrance of the club, like the music in horror films.

Heather O'Neill, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night

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