CBC Books summer 2014 reading list: No Relation by Terry Fallis


Fallis fans, rejoice! Terry is back! For his fourth novel, Fallis takes readers to New York City and introduces them to copywriter Earnest Hemmingway, whose life is falling apart. In a single day, he gets fired and dumped by his girlfriend. Add the life-long curse of being named Earnest Hemmingway, and you have a humorous and heart-warming tale about what it takes to take control of your life when everything seems so completely out of your control.

Watch Terry Fallis discuss how he first got published:

"What's in a name? For many, nothing. For some, not nothing but not much. For a very few, blessed or cursed, it's everything. I'm one of those few. And if you're wondering, I usually count myself among the cursed."

Terry Fallis, No Relation

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