CBC Books summer 2014 reading list: Naked Imperfection by Gill Deacon


Gill Deacon (who is the host of CBC Radio's Here and Now) was a busy mom trying to do it all -- and on top of that, she was trying to live as eco-friendly as possible. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her struggle with losing control and efforts to reclaim her life are emotional and accessible and Naked Imperfection's honesty and openness should connect with readers everywhere, even if their lives haven't been touched by cancer.

Gill Deacon talks about cancer's tough lessons:

media clip

"No matter how much exercise or energy healing I do how many soothing restorative walks I take through the woods, how many heads of raw kale I juice or don't...there is no inoculation against illness. No guarantees, no way to wrestle life under control. There are merely best attempts. But surrendering the false hope that there is a single way to make everything Just So might just be the best strategy of all."

Gill Deacon, Naked Imperfection

The ultimate summer 2014 reading list: