VOTE: The Great Canadian Character Showdown Round Three


Click on the image for a full-size version of the bracket.

Last year, we looked for the most iconic Canadian book cover. You crowned Love You Forever by Robert Munsch as the champion.

This year, we're on another quest -- this time, to determine the most iconic Canadian fictional character. We asked you for your suggestions. We then ranked these submissions, added a few of our own and put them in head-to-head match ups, March Madness-style. You can check out the bracket above. Fill it out and make your predictions -- we'd love to know who you think will move on and who will be named the most iconic Canadian character.


Round three has closed. Please check back this Wednesday to start voting for the Final Four!

Here is the schedule of events:

Round One (closed)

Round Two (closed)

Round Three (8 characters left!):

Round Four (4 characters left!):Wednesday April 9 - Monday April 14

Championship Round (2 characters left!):Wednesday, April 16 - Monday April 21

Winner reveal: Wednesday, April 23

Let's get voting!