Great hockey reads: The Game by Ken Dryden

The Stanley Cup is the most beautiful of sports trophies. It shimmers. It's big. When ancient peoples returned from the hunt, they held their prize aloft. When players today win a championship, in a timeless gesture of triumph, they throw their hands above their heads. And in sports, nothing fits better between a player's hands than the Stanley Cup. It is perfect.
Ken Dryden, The Game

Often called "the greatest hockey book ever written," Ken Dryden's The Game is a must-read classic. The book, which chronicles Dryden's last season as a already legendary goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, turned 30 years old in 2013 and it's still as readable and relevant as it was in 1983.

Alan Thicke chose to defend The Game during Canada Reads 2012, the only year the battle of the books focused on non-fiction. If you missed those debates, check them out here.

Ken Dryden discusses The Game with CBC TV's Take 30 in 1984:

media clip

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