Great hockey reads: Hockey Dreams: Memories of a Man Who Couldn't Play by David Adams Richards

"If you think that you are a Canadian, then my boy I will show you I am a Canadian too--if they check me from behind I will get up, if they kick and slash I will get up. If we play three against five for fifteen minutes I will get up. I too am a Canadian. They will not take this away from me. Nor, can I see, will they ever take it away from you. At the moment they think we are defeated we will have just begun. I will prove forever my years on the river, on the back rinks, on the buses, on the farm teams. I will prove forever that this is what has shaped me."

David Adams Richards, Hockey Dreams

Why do we consider Hockey Dreams: Memories of a Man Who Couldn't Play by acclaimed writer David Adams Richards one of the greatest hockey books ever written? Because Ron MacLean says so. He told us it's his favourite hockey book and why:

"It starts off with the story of a drifter out in British Columbia during the '72 Summit Series and he's running into folks everywhere who detest the Canadians and his basic premise is these S-O-Bs don't love hockey and he has a good reason behind it. David has always had the line, 'When are we most Canadian? When we drop the puck,' And I thought that book really got us to the place most of us beer leaguers or rink rats are in, so I really admire that one."

The book was adapted into a stage play and you can watch the charming preview for it in the video above.

David Adams Richards, who was the co-winner of the 2000 Giller Prize, has a passion for the game that shines through in Hockey Dreams. In this archival CBC-TV clip below, he speaks out in support of street hockey.

media clip

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