Great hockey reads: Twenty Miles by Cara Hedley


'Duh, duh, duh - The Sin Bin!' Toad sang doomfully as I stepped into the penalty box. 'Yeah, don't do us any favours, Ass Eyes!' This, shouted in the direction of the ref's zebra back as she slammed the door. The box vibrated like the inside of an old piano and I edged around Toad to sit on the bench. I felt a gathering in my throat, adrenaline turning to venom, turning on me; the slow, snake-eyed blink. So embarrassing to be caught like that, acting out a private violence, frozen into a red split-second in your mind, like dreaming of peeing and then wetting the bed. The announcer drawled my penalty over the loudspeaker.

Cara Hedley, Twenty Miles

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics put the spotlight on women's hockey, thanks to the gold medal women's game between the United States and Canada -- arguably one of the most memorable games the sport has ever seen. If you're keen to go inside the game, this novel -- which follows the women's hockey team at the fictional Winnipeg University -- introduces readers to unforgettable moments, memorable characters and their powerful connection to Canada's game.

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