Great hockey reads: Cornered by Ron Maclean

"I sometime feel that without children to sort of rein me in and give me responsibility, I've never really grown up. I've been able to play hockey, go out with my buddies and become obsessive about work. I'm selfish in a way that children don't allow you to be. I'm not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing, It's just the way it is." Ron MacLean, Cornered

Many Canadians have spent their Saturday nights with Ron MacLean over the past 25 years. He plays the cool-headed straight man to his Coach's Corner co-host Don Cherry. On top of his Hockey Night in Canada duties, MacLean has hosted a handful of Olympic games and witnessed many milestones in Canadian sport. He's a wealth of sports knowledge, and funny to boot and his book, Cornered is exactly what you'd expect from Ron. He takes us from his early days in radio in Red Deer, Alberta, to the present, and it's a testament to the power hockey has in Canada -- and in Ron's life.

Ron MacLean discusses his long career with George Stoumboulopoulos:

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