The 10 books you need to read this spring: The Bear


Two young children -- five-year-old Anna and her younger brother Stick -- are left to survive on their own after a bear viciously attacks their parents. Told in Anna's captivating voice, Claire Cameron's The Bear vividly realizes a nightmare every camper has had at least once. It's a book that's both technically impressive and page-turning at the same time. So read it -- but don't plan on any camping trips afterwards.

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An excerpt from The Bear:

I can hear the air going in and out of my brother's nose. I am awake. He is two years old and almost three and he bugs me lots of times because I am five years old and soon I will be six but it is warm sleeping next to him. I call him Stick. He always falls asleep before me and I listen to the air of his nose.I can hear my parents' voices. They are farther away than I can reach and whispering because they think I can't hear. I let out a squeak to let Momma know I am awake and she says,"we're right here" from too far away. I squeak again and the zipper undoes and I can see the sky in the crack. Her cool hand brushes my hair back and her fingers touch my cheek."Sssh Anna," she says and the sky zips away again. When I am inside a tent the outside is far away.

Excerpted from The Bear by Claire Cameron Copyright © 2014 by Claire Cameron. Excerpted by permission of Doubleday Canada, a division of Random House of Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.

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